• The Thin Woman's Brain - Audio, Kindle and Paperback

    The book is available in Audio, Kindle and Paperback formats directly from Amazon! More Info


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  • 21 Day One-on-One Coaching from the author

    Recommended for women who are ready to experience 21 days of measurable, guided transformation. More Info


  • TWB Program: Includes the app and coaching directly from the book's author

    Are you ready to restore your healthy neurology? Are you ready for freedom, vitality, and lifelong healthy weight? More Info


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  • Personalized Assessment

    One hour of Dilia's time for either One-on-One review and documentation of your assessments or address your specific questions. More Info


  • 7-Days Coaching Intensive

    7 Days of one-on-one coaching to ensure a successful implementation of your Thin Woman's Brain program. More Info


  • 2 hours of Personalized Coaching

    In-depth analysis of your personal profile with additional weight coach assistance More Info


  • Accountability Deposit

    Accountability to stay the course More Info


  • Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff

    Dilia recommends this book as a powerful aid to help you observe brain hunger More Info


  • Radical Acceptance by Tara Brach

    Dilia highly recommends this book More Info