About Us

    Dilia Suriel was trained as a scientist and majored in physics and mathematics at a prestigious university. After undergraduate school, she pursued a master's degree first in electrical engineering, before finally settling into computer science. For her entire professional career, she has worked in the computer industry culminating in director-level at various international consulting engagements.
    Ms. Suriel is a world-class analyst with an impressive track record of solving complex corporate problems and has worked in eight distinct cultures in South and North America. Ms. Suriel woke up one day knowing that she needed to use her talents to analyze the dieting hell that she endured for far too many years.
    The Thin Woman's Brain is not only an account of Ms. Suriel's personal triumph in ending the insidious dieting cycle, but more importantly a passionate and thoroughly researched, scientifically-based explanation of what options women like Ms. Suriel have to return to their natural eating behaviors.