We already know that this is not your first diet, not even your third. Sure, you've lost weight before, but what if all this time you've been asking the wrong questions? What if it's not about your lack of willpower? What if it's not about finding the RIGHT diet?

What if I told you: it's not your diet; but your brain chemistry?

What if I told you: there is a scientific based program that ends food obsession, foods fantasies, and the white-knuckle willpower that you must invest to stay away from forbidden foods?

What if I told you: you can lose the weight, and end the cycle of shame?

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All diets work ... but the paradox is that after the diet 98% of dieters gain back all, or more, of the weight they lost. So it's not a question of losing weight, it's a question of restoring lifelong healthy weight. We chuckle at the quote, "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results," but what is different in 2017?

Hello, my name is Dilia Suriel, and I'm the author of the book "The Thin Woman's Brain" (TWB). My world changed after I asked one simple question:

Is there a difference between the brains of women who never, ever diet and manage to maintain a healthy weight and those of women who only through Herculean efforts experience brief glimpses of healthy weight?

In my book I explained the compelling science documenting the differences between food-obsessed and healthy brains. Since then, I've worked with over 1,000 women to help them restore a healthy relationship with food. What I found is that as long as our brain's reaction to food is compulsive, there is absolutely no way to achieve lifelong healthy weight.

When you start your monthly subscription to the TWB program, you not only have access to all the functions of the app, but you may immediately sign up for live group-support calls, which ensure a personalized transformational experience.

I'm so committed to participants' success that I offering this INTRODUCTORY FREE TRIAL WEEK and a money-back guarantee.

Are you ready to rewire your brain for lifelong healthy weight? I'm ready to support you 100% in achieving that dream.


Dilia Suriel
Author, The Thin Woman's Brain

The Book

It's time to return to your healthy weight — it's time to restore your Thin Woman's Brain!

Dilia Suriel was once just like you — prey to the tyranny of food that had power over her. Through hundreds of studies, the scientific community, has finally explained why and how this develops. We respond to stressful triggers in our environment with the compulsion of a drug addict searching for their next high, meeting emotional disturbances with a sprint to the refrigerator.

This trend changed when, in 2013, Dilia decided that she needed to decipher these behaviors for herself in the hopes of finding the permanent solution that had evaded her for so many diets, for so many years. She compiled these findings into her book Thin Woman's Brain: Rewiring The Brain For Permanent Weight Loss. Since publication, The Thin Woman's Brain rose confidently through Amazon's ranks as a reliable text for effective change.

In less than 200 pages and referencing invaluable and recent scientific studies, she lays out actionable steps for short-circuiting the brain's compulsive behaviors and restoring the body's natural, healthy, and intuitive routine of mindful eating.

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21 DAYS Program with the app

The Thin Woman's Brain is now available as a comprehensive, 21 day online program! Now you too can learn the tools and insights based on her book, using scheduled check-ins and integrated trackers that reference genuine scientific research to reliably merge with your daily routine. Unlike other programs which leave you interacting alone with your device, The Thin Woman's Brain Online Program features a web-based app and includes communicative, guided feedback to help track your progress. You will also receive responsive support via optional group meetings held every five days!

"You have my commitment to ensure your personal success!"

-Dilia Suriel, Author

For a limited time, we are providing this program at an introductory discount: ONE low-cost of $94, and with a full money-back guarantee if you don't experience the benefits of this life-changing process!*

If you are ready for a transformational experience, sign up for the program TODAY at the link below.

*Money will be paid back in full after 21 days if certain terms are met. Refer to the store page for additional information.

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Still not Sure? Read our Testimonials

We are incredibly proud to share willing testimonials from members at all stages of their progress. Take a look at our TESTIMONIALS page for updated stories from women just like you who have taken the significant first steps on their journey to permanent weight loss.

"It feels as though you're sitting in the same room as me, talking about my experiences and reassuring me that there are modern, evidence based solutions. There's great power in knowing that repeated patterns of behaviour have a biological explanation and that there's an answer - I can feel the helpless feeling draining away from me."

-Iain in Scotland — Physician

"Life is good. This has clicked. Food is great. I'm losing weight and have a lot of energy."

-Chris in Holland — Life Coach

"After trying over 20 diets and programs, I can say with no reservations that you, your book, and your insights have profoundly changed my life in a permanent way. My future will be brighter and more fulfilling because I started on this path."

-Bonnie in Colorado, US — Program Member

"I used the TWB Online Program for 21 days, without fail, and lost quite a few pounds. I did not measure, count or weigh any food. I didn't feel hungry, except when it was time to eat. A few times, when I was on the road and needed fuel, I let myself have a snack (e.g.: a banana in the car) knowing that it was not mindful eating, but that it was fuel I needed and it would not initiate a binge. I would call that Intentional Snacking, and I'm OK with it."

-Terri, Pacific Northwest, US — Program Member

"The Thin Woman's Brain Online Program is absolutely worth every penny!"

-Katie in Maryland, US — Program Member

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Lose Weight Naturally

Unlike programs that just give you a food regimen to follow or a set of instructions to carry out on your own, the 21-Day Program with the TWB App offers personal coaching, group support, and the motivation to keep you on track long enough for new behaviors to lock in. It's a set of tools that address your own personal triggers and your individual challenges in a way that is realistic within the demands of your life!

I believe in you, and I know the challenges you are facing because I've been there myself. And I care about your progress: your success is my success!

If you're asking yourself, "Is this worth $94?" think of it this way: it breaks down to about $4.48 cents a day for three weeks. $4.48 a day to undo the programming that has made you crazy and enslaved to food for years and to replace it with a new set of neural nets - yes, you actually grow new brain cells! You create new pathways in your brain that allow you to have a friendly, healthy relationship with food.

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Are you Ready for Freedom?

There is a movement brewing, and it's filled with women like you who are sick of the endless rounds of weight loss and weight gain.

Dilia shares your vision of a better future for you, one where you've broken the cycle of shame, repaired your brain's addictive responses with natural body-based needs, one where you return to eating for nourishment, as nature intended all along. Join women around the world who have learned this from her guidance: through proactive self-awareness, a commitment to grow, and the personal support of one of the most giving and dedicated voices in the field, you too can engage your Thin Woman's Brain and experience the very best version of yourself!

Consider yourself lucky for finding this website! Take your time reading our information. Get a feel for what makes The Thin Woman's Brain different from the rest of the pack. Listen to what Dilia has to say about our body's natural abilities and how they have gone awry in the past era, and what years of accumulating scientific research is continuing to prove. She believes in your ability to find your way after all this time, and is ready to invest herself personally in helping you reach your ideal weight in a permanent and healthy way, once and for all.

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